Monday, February 15, 2010

Chase away those snow blues with some Chartreuse and Co. shopping!

Ok, so after a very long day of work at Chartreuse and Co., Beans and Buttons is finally ready for the February tag sale! We are so excited for the great vintage finds and creations that we're offering this month!!

A beautiful, and I do mean beautiful, black with gold detail dresser with mirror. What a great addition to any bedroom!

A great assortment of Beans and Buttons handmade hookboards. What beautiful character and charm! Functional and stylish!

A great red drop-front desk. Plus, a bonus shelf on top. How cute for a kitchen! What a fun game table! (of course, a vintage chess set too!)

That great pine hutch in it's original honey color. Plus, some great mason jar boards. Hang these in your kitchen for a fun way to hold utensils, especially those vintage wooden ones!

Beans and Buttons is full of great vintage furniture and accessories for February. Make sure to join us for the tag sale at Chartreuse and Co. this weekend, February 19-21! Let some fun shopping chase away those snow blues!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February Chartreuse and Company tag sale Items!

Sneak Peek! Here are some of our fabulous vintage finds and creations available for sale at the February Chartreuse and Co. tag sale!

Fantastic assortment of vintage magazine racks!

Great white dresser with beautiful lines and rounded feet...

Vintage pine hutch in great shape, what a great size too!!

Beautiful collection of cake/baked goods stands, some found, some upcycled....

My personal favorite is this beautiful vintage gold light fixture adorned with a gold trimmed flowered plate, and topped with a glass dome!

And of course, what would a Chartreuse and Co. tag sale be without the Beans and Buttons personal creations...
Great hooks, some with chalkboards for those little reminders, made out of old molding blocks..

More great hooks made out of vintage porch balusters!

Keep watching for more items for the February tag sale at Chartreuse and Co.!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let your Jewelry Decorate more than your body!!

I was going through my jewelry the other day and realized that the most beautiful jewelry I have is hidden away in boxes! And then sparked the idea of creating jewelry holders that allow your jewelry to shine even when not being worn! These three-tiered jewelry holders are perfect for necklaces, bracelets and rings. Made from vintage plates, each holder has unique charm. Never have to sift through a jewelry box again! Come get yours at the next Chartreuse and Co. Tag Sale Feb. 19-21.