Thursday, September 30, 2010

Great Metallic Pumpkins

Ok, so it's been a busy few weeks opening our new location at Wild Rose & Co. in Walkersville, Md. So please forgive the lack of posts!! For a great peek into Wild Rose, check out Miss Mustard Seed's awesome video tour!
Come by and see us some time! I guarantee you'll find LOTS of goodies!
21 West Pennsylvania Avenue, Walkersville, MD 21793
Regular store hours: Tuesday-Friday (10am-6pm), Saturday (10am-5pm), Sunday (11am-3pm)

So, back to business....As i've said before I LOVE fall (although, as I watch my trashcan blowing down my hill today in the crazy wind and rain, I love it a tad less) There's no better representation of fall than pumpkins. Pumpkins have come a long way from the ever-popular and traditional orange. In fact, Wendy and I found Blue pumpkins the other day...and they are AWESOME! Also growing more and more popular are the fake pumpkins. They're great and everlasting! I'm really digging metallic looks lately so I made my own spin on the orange, fake pumpkin.

First, I picked up some great fake Better Homes & Gardens pumpkins. I particularly liked these because they had some weight to them and a great stem. I first spray painted them a creamy white. Then I used a foam brush and brushed on a layer of metallic paint (gold and copper I found worked best)

 I wanted to add a special touch, so I created these fun fabric tags to hang off of the pumpkins. These simply involved layering fabrics then doing a quick stitch around to hold them together. Super easy but what an impact! I used French fall words and other numbers on the tags. Then I tied them on with brown or burlap ribbon. What fun!

I realize that I did not take step-by-step pictures so let me know if you have questions!! Happy Fall Everyone!
Check out the Wild Rose & Co. blog for links to all of the vendors!

Texas Monkey

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Long Live Vintage"!!!!

So, here were are again at another season change.....I feel the crisp in the air, the beautiful clouds in the sky...I love's my favorite time of year....Fall also gets me INSPIRED! You know what happens when creativity meets inspiration??  A LOT of great ideas! I've fallen a bit behind in my blog (being inspired means throwing yourself completely into those ideas :) ) BUT, look forward to all of my projects soon...

For now, here's Beans and Buttons' new
"Long Live Vintage" Line....

I took various tote/tool boxes that I found at flea markets, painted them and then added our newest slogan....such an easy project and
I LOVE them!!
I love old boxes/drawers....they have such great character and are so functional!

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Table Out of a French Hotel!

As I sit here thinking about how great it would be to be at some great French Hotel right now....I figure I may as well show you what sent my thoughts in that direction!
Wendy and I picked up this round, 3-legged table at an auction this week. We liked it particularly because it had a large round top, larger than usual for a side table....sooooo, where did my mind go with this table?? Well, to France of course! I refinished this table to look like it came right out of the lobby of a French Hotel....
Unfortnately, Wendy and I have been cramming for the busy fall season so I forgot before pictures....but you can check here for step by step instructions! Everyone get inspired by that special French feeling!

(sorry for the messy background....those are ongoing/finished projects/kids toys!
I know you all know how I feel!!)



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