About Me

Our goal at Beans & Buttons is to inspire you through our unique and fabulous vintage-finds. We search high and low to find wonderful antiques and treasures. We also take pride in creating many of our own furnishings and accessories with that special “Beans & Buttons” touch! We believe the best design incorporates an eclectic mix of old and new...traditional and modern. Sometimes all is takes is an old button to inspire an incredible idea! Beans & Buttons was formed by two sisters, Wendy and Lindsay. Wendy has a background in Interior Design and marketing. Lindsay brings knowledge of public relations to the team. The name “Beans & Buttons” comes from our children, who are the constant source of our inspiration and creativity. Psychologists say that people are at the peak of creativity at five years old. It is that simple, uncluttered knowledge that allows the mind to wander and the imagination to soar. Our young children show us the beauty of simplicity and the fun in sometimes stepping out of the box. We strive to find that creativity that’s buried in all of us. At Beans and Buttons, we want to re-create!