Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Tag Sale Beauties!

The April Tag Sale is packed full of great stuff!

Two beautiful french blue chairs upholstered in a creamy white linen.
A great rustic table/desk with a white-washed top.
Fun vintage accessories!
And of course our great window cork/chalkboards! We can do custom pieces too!!

A great white dresser with beautiful french gold hardware

A taller matching white dresser with original!

A blue distressed desk and fun spring accessories!

A custom potting bench made from an old door! Don't you love the rod on the top?? The potting benches are not for sale in the Beans and Buttons space this month, but we are always available for custom pieces! Just ask!! What a great way to bring vintage to the garden!
There will be a few potting benches for sale at the great Lucketts Fair next month! Keep checking back for more details!

Come see us this weekend for some great vintage furniture and accessories!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jump Outside of the Box with Great Kids Rooms!!

If there's one thing in life I truly look forward to, it's when the time comes around to re-decorate or for the new babies, newly-decorate our kids rooms. Kids rooms really allow the creatively to just pour out of my ears. I love how a kid's room just can't be over the top. There can't be too much color, never too much design, and nothing is ever cheesy!

My tips for creating an awesome kids room:

* Paint is your friend. Use paint with some painters tape and walls make a huge impact! In these rooms we did vertical stripes. A lot of work, but so adorable!

We handmade these valances in a great green gingham with ribbon ties
My brother-in-law built the toy box
The rocker was my husband's grandmother's
Creating great kids room doesn't have to cost a fortune!

                        Wendy made this great valance over the window, How adorable!

* Never worry that furniture doesn't match. Mismatching is ok, plus paint can do miracles! The most important thing is that it's durable and practical!

This dresser is near and dear to my heart. It was my grandmother's so we added a fresh coat of paint and some adorable drawer pulls and it's fit for a baby princess!

This dresser was given to my sister right about the time I was having my first daughter. A great coat of paint, some stencils and cute detail, and it's perfect for a little girl's room!

 Wendy found this great amoire, painted it white with some pink detail and it's ideal for a baby's room!

* Kids thrive when their imaginations are allowed to soar. Add fun details and designs around the room. Don't be afraid to cover the walls!

We made sure to cover this room with hundreds of things to look at. My daughter loves to stare around the room and discover new things! We handpainted bugs, flowers and grass, used some great rub-on decals and magically it's like you step into a garden every time you enter her room!

In this room we handpainted a great tree! We used a shade of pink just a few shades darker than the wall color so the impact of the tree wouldn't be too harsh. We hand-painted leaves and flowers (each adorned with a sequin circle). A special touch, and my personal favorite, was the addition of the birds in the tree. Each bird was painted by a different female member of the family. I love adding sentimental touches in kids rooms.

*Mix and match colors and textures. One of my favorite parts of doing a kids room is finding all different accessories in all different places!

The butterfly quilt was found at Pottery Barn, the sheets at Target, the green quilt at Marshalls and the adorable ladybug pillow at Kohl's! I must discourage people from walking into a store and buying a bedding set completely coordinated. (This is ok for baby crib bedding of course!) Take time, look at different stores and group things together on your own. It will be a personal look and will make you feel even more proud of your room!

*Save money by making your own creations! You don't have to be a Picasso to add great personalized touches to a kid's room.

A Pottery Barn catalog inspired these adorable pictures! Not wanting to spend the $75 on the Pottery Barn ones, I created my own using some craft store wood blocks and paint! Simple and it only cost me about $6!

I want everyone to enjoy decorating kids rooms as much as I do! Be inspired by everything around you and don't be afraid to express your creativity.