Thursday, July 1, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing....

One of the things we like most about being Junk girls is seeing the potential in things that most others would see as worthless or boring....
Here are some projects that I just finished up....

I got these old cheese boxes at a flea market. They were boring, just plain unfinished wood. I saw potential for something cool! So I stained them a dark cherry stain, dry-brushed white paint over them, then stenciled and distressed numbers on the top and side. What awesome rustic storage!

I also picked these canisters up at a flea market. They were just a set of 4 glass canisters with wood tops in a wood rack. Not bad the way they were, but somewhat boring. I white-washed the rack and canister lids then stenciled numbers on the lids. What fun! You can even use these as fun office storage or even in the bathroom to hold cotton balls! Remember to always think outside the box when it involves function and design!

I picked this planter box up at a yard sale a while back knowing something cool could come of it. First, I dry-brushed it with white paint. I then attached old casters to the bottom. I used textured spray paint to make some awesome handles for the side and then used chalkboard paint on a craft-store piece of wood for a decorative finish. What a cool, functional piece!! Use vases to hold fresh flowers as a great centerpiece.

Use the box for holding drinks at a picnic....What fun!! There a million uses for such a cool item! 

Don't forget the upcoming Chartreuse and Co. tag Sale! July 16-18. Watch for a preview of some awesome Beans and Buttons items!

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  1. Fabulous! I SERIOUSLY want the cheeseboxes! Seriously. Don't even think of selling them before you send me an email telling me how much they are!!