Thursday, September 30, 2010

Great Metallic Pumpkins

Ok, so it's been a busy few weeks opening our new location at Wild Rose & Co. in Walkersville, Md. So please forgive the lack of posts!! For a great peek into Wild Rose, check out Miss Mustard Seed's awesome video tour!
Come by and see us some time! I guarantee you'll find LOTS of goodies!
21 West Pennsylvania Avenue, Walkersville, MD 21793
Regular store hours: Tuesday-Friday (10am-6pm), Saturday (10am-5pm), Sunday (11am-3pm)

So, back to business....As i've said before I LOVE fall (although, as I watch my trashcan blowing down my hill today in the crazy wind and rain, I love it a tad less) There's no better representation of fall than pumpkins. Pumpkins have come a long way from the ever-popular and traditional orange. In fact, Wendy and I found Blue pumpkins the other day...and they are AWESOME! Also growing more and more popular are the fake pumpkins. They're great and everlasting! I'm really digging metallic looks lately so I made my own spin on the orange, fake pumpkin.

First, I picked up some great fake Better Homes & Gardens pumpkins. I particularly liked these because they had some weight to them and a great stem. I first spray painted them a creamy white. Then I used a foam brush and brushed on a layer of metallic paint (gold and copper I found worked best)

 I wanted to add a special touch, so I created these fun fabric tags to hang off of the pumpkins. These simply involved layering fabrics then doing a quick stitch around to hold them together. Super easy but what an impact! I used French fall words and other numbers on the tags. Then I tied them on with brown or burlap ribbon. What fun!

I realize that I did not take step-by-step pictures so let me know if you have questions!! Happy Fall Everyone!
Check out the Wild Rose & Co. blog for links to all of the vendors!

Texas Monkey


  1. Those look great! I thought they were ceramic or metal at first. Where did you find BH&G pumpkins? I have to order stuff online & Michael's doesn't cater to us online shoppers. Thanks

  2. Love these! They really do have great stems and the metallic sheen is beautiful!

  3. Your pumpkins are so gorgeous!! I love them!! And the tags are the perfect touch.

    I shared this on my TT&J FB page and linked to you:)


  4. Love it! We gave you a shout-out on our blog today:

    Suz + Sarah