Friday, July 1, 2011

Wine anyone?

Wendy and I are always on the lookout for great round dining tables. Everyone seems to want them! They are much easier to put in smaller spaces than the traditional large oval or rectangle table.
Anyways...we picked up this table at a thrift shop. Nice simple round table but definitely needed some lovin'.
I first sanded the heck out of the top to remove the old finish. I knew I wanted to add a special touch to this table for the Lucketts Fair.
Wendy had done this awesome cocktail table a ways see it look here.
I used the same concept for the dining table. I added the graphic using a printed template and transfer paper, then painted it in using black paint. Once the graphic was painted, I distressed it. Finally, I used walnut stain which really brought out the character of the wood and then protected it with a coat of walnut wax. If you've never used colored wax, I highly recommend you get yourself some. Best stuff ever created! It adds the color and protection all in one step. I found mine at a local antique shop.
We got the chairs from a fellow vendor at Chartreuse and Co. Wendy painted them black then hand-upholstered each seat with a striped tan linen. The chairs turned out so great! They had such a sophisticated look....
What do you think??


  1. Love it! That table is beautiful

  2. BTW, I just started blogging, and I have added you to my link.