Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Table and Chairs Fit For a Princess!

Sydney, Wendy's 4-year-old, was recently moved to her "big girl room" to make room for the new arrival! The room was done in a pretty hue of "princess" pink and an entire wall was painted with a grand castle. Sydney loves to have picnics, so a table and chairs was a must! Wanting to veer away from the harsh lines of a square table and chairs, Wendy and I set out to find just the right round table!

Finding two matching kids chairs can be a task, but alas, I came across these two adorable chairs at a yard sale for $5 a piece! I loved how the top of the back looked like a flower!

The table was a bit tougher. After several weeks of looking, I finally came across this table at Chartreuse & Co. for $20! Look at the claw feet!!

Obviously, the table needed to be painted! With furniture with so much detail, it was much easier to spray paint, so I picked up a few cans of Rust-oleum Heirloom White and painted a few coats on each piece.

Once the pieces were dry, I light distressed them. I then applied stencils to the backs of the chairs and the center of the table using a shade of pink.

Here is the finished product! I think it turned out adorable!! Definitely a table and chairs fit for a princess!

It's PERFECT for Sydney and her picnic friends!

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