Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Lost Art of Holidays....

So, fact is, that I LOVE Holidays...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. I love the whole atmosphere of Christmas, I love the shopping, the gift-giving, the music, the colors, the lights, the baking... I love how everything stops on the holidays. How, for just those few hours, nothing else matters but being with your family. 
Unfortunately for the first time ever, my employer has decided to open on Thanksgiving and this just makes me sad. But most of all, it's makes me sorrowful for what this country has become...Have we really become so desperate to shop and eat out that we can't even stop on holidays? Have we become so estranged from each other, that we'd rather eat food that a restaurant's prepared or go to Target?
This holiday season I challenge everyone. I challenge you to remember what's important. Put down the modge podge and the staple gun, turn off the TV and just be with your kids and family. Read, play memory, draw, bake cookies. Do anything but rush.
Remember that the people that are helping you in restaurants, at Walmart, at the toy store, are all people too. People with families that they are just trying to feed and care for. Make sure to say please and thank you. Learn their name and use it. Be nice. Be patient. Be generous. Say "Merry Christmas".
Remember the people that help you....you don't need to buy a gift, just a simple thank you card is all you need, just so they know you appreciate all they do.
You never know when a simple thank you can change someone's whole day....
Have a great Holiday everyone and thank you for all of the inspirations you provide!!

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  1. Newcomer to your blog, and I just read this post. It is so flipping true! We are currently living in Germany (courtesy of the US Army) and here holidays are really holidays. No stores, museums, or businesses are open and most restaurants and tourist attractions are closed too (most gas stations are open though). Why? Because it's a a HOLIDAY! They even shut down on Sundays (except restaurants, gas stations and tourist attractions) because it's considered a "family day." I have to admit that one was hard to get used to, but now I think it's nice. I hate that America is all about consumerism and places think they have to be open to get the almighty dollar. Sigh.