Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Journey of Unwanted Furniture....

So Wendy and I spend a good amount of our time searching for, hunting down, bidding on and hauling furniture. We've been to ALL sorts of places in search of those perfect know, the ones with great lines, in perfect shape and at a great (sinfully cheap) price. But as pieces come and go, I always wonder where they've been...who's owned and loved this piece of furniture, where it's traveled, in what great house did it live....A piece of furniture is just like a person full of wisdom, it's got a story to tell...
Wendy and I have our favorite auction that we go to on Mondays and we always come home with a full load of great stuff! The room is packed full of rows of furniture...Just how we like it...
At our auction 2 weeks ago we picked up some great items...

See that great two-tiered table to the left? Yep, we got that one...It was extremely dusty and obviously neglected and unused...Under all of that is a GORGEOUS table! See the booksellers table at the top right? Got that one too....what a perfect little table to hold books by a cozy chair. It just needed some love.

See the long console table under those small cabinets? We got that...dirty, scratched and quite the mess...but she's gonna be a beauty when she's done! We also got the little two-door cabinet at the far right on that table...what a great piece!

See the funky shaped table at that bottom of the picture? Well, let me say that this table was missing the bottom shelf, had two very loose legs and was in need of some major repair...most would have thrown it away! What did we do? Well we won it of course! Wait till you see what it looks like now! Fantastic lines and detail!

See the little cream chest of drawers? Look at the lines of that piece...absolutely incredible! In great shape with amazing hardware and would you believe that only ONE person bid against us?? Wait till you see how it looks now...

And see the little table on top of the dining room table? What a cute little piece...solid walnut table seemed almost a crime to paint, but wait till you see what Wendy did to it! It's amazing!

And then there was this piece....we had our heart set on it....we were already making plans for it, it was really speaking to us...what an AMAZING piece...An awesome old cart turned wine rack....Talk about history! Where did it come from? Was it in an old factory? What did it hold?? So many possibilities....boy did we want this one....but we got outbid...R.I.P great old cart...

So why do we love traipsing through all sorts of places scooping up other people's neglected, unwanted furniture? Because it's awesome. It's awesome to find pieces with so much potential that just need some love, and turn them into masterpieces that have a whole new life! New is boring. We thrive on originality. It's a thrill. We love taking something with so much history and adding more to it's story...even if it's just furniture! What's your thrill?

Keep checking back for the after pictures of all of these great pieces we picked up at the auction!

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  1. Wow! Great post girls! Your passion for what you do (and do so well) came through loud and clear! I loved every word and can't wait to see what you've done to all of those previously loved pieces!



  2. Great dinning chair. I am impressed to see your great job, You have consumed your time in right path. I wish that You will also show some luxurious furniture as soon as.

  3. Great finds! Can't wait to see them after you work your magic!