Friday, August 12, 2011

Buffet Before and After

Wendy and I picked up this buffet at one of our favorite picker stores. It was such a beautiful piece, but boy did she need some work! It was missing one of the shelves, all drawer stops and one door stop. Plus, she appeared like she had been beaten with a variety of objects....pooooor buffet....

Since it is almost the fall, I decided to do this piece a nice creamy taupe. I've always loved the look of a painted base with a stained top, but boy did this top need help before that was even possible. I suggested the idea to Wendy and she said "nope, just paint it." But did I listen? Nope, I never do! (although I regretted it when I was covered in a thick layer of sanding dust from head to toe...I mean COVERED!)
Anyway, I sanded the top down heavily using 60-grit sandpaper. I recommend using a belt sander if you have one handy, but a regular palm sander will get the job done too. I then clean the top completely off and free of debris.

The base was then given three coats of an oops paint that we had color-matched.....Now it was time to tackle the top.
I first stained it using a coat of dark walnut Minwax stain.
I thought showing the current state of my stain can would help show my love for it!!

I then added a coat of Minwax Wood-sheen rubbing stain and finish in a Colonial Walnut color.

Finally I used my favorite colored wax for the top coat. It's Howard Citrus Shield Color Paste Wax in the Dark Oak finish. I got this wax from a local antique store but if can also be ordered online.

I use a heavy coat of wax filling in the grooves in the wood and then polish it back off after it sits.
It leaves this great shiny finish.

I then distressed the whole piece and she was ready for repair.

Wendy cut a new shelf. I added drawer stops and she was perfect!
Quick tip...If you have a drawer that goes too far back into a piece, then it probably needs a drawer stop. Yes, they make actual drawer stops, but no, you don't have to use them. My favorite things to use are upholstery tacks. They have enough of a nail head to stop the drawer, but are short enough to be easy to tap in place. Small screws and nails can also be used. Just use the old hole for the drawer stop as a guide for where to put the new one. Drawer stops are usually located at the front bottom of the piece where a drawer slides. Tap your tack/screw/nail into place and you're good to go!!

Here she is all finished.....ahhhh, i'm in love!

(can you tell that I work in my playroom???)

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  1. Gorgeous! All of your hard work certainly paid off.

  2. That turned out so nice! My parents have a piece of furniture similar to this in their home. I think it would be fun to refinish it the same way!

  3. Fabulous job! I have been wanting one of these for a few years. I have yet to luck out at finding one at GW. Hopefully this will be my year.

    Thanks so much for sharing

  4. Great job! You transformed it into a beautiful piece!

  5. Great colors! This piece is seriously beautiful! Visiting from Somewhat Simple!

  6. Love the colors. This piece is almost identical to one that I have in my home. It will be my next project, thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Turned out gorgeous! Your choice of colors for base and top make the project sing!

  8. Oh I love this piece so much...I have such a thing for buffets!! Thanks also for the tip on the drawer stops :-))

  9. Beautiful job! I have an almost-identical buffet that I bought for $50. It's now black and I love it. I'd love it if you'd link this up to my Home and Family Friday linky party!


  10. This is my all time favorite look and you did such a great job on the buffet. I like the wax idea. Just might have to try it. thanks for sharing.