Monday, August 29, 2011

Come to Walkersville!

Come see us at Wild Rose and Co. in Walkersville, MD!

Here's some of our current inventory....

A great creamy white curio with a soft neutral fabric lining the door.

This great petite dresser with a creamy top and a beautiful gray base...yummy!

A creamy white vanity....perfect for your little girl's room!

This petite curio, perfect for an entryway!

A smaller-sized sideboard...would fit just about anywhere!!

Come see us and the other vendors Tuesday-Saturday at 21 W. Pennsylvania Ave. in Walkersville!


  1. I love the new things you just brought in! The memo board on the wall and the pulley bookends are on my wish list.....unfortuantely, I think someone has already beat me to the memo board! Hope you have more....